Writing Projects & Interviews

Copywriting, informational interviews, blog posts, web articles, web content and more.

Speaking & Appearances

Throughout the year, Christa Holmans (the Neurodivergent Rebel) may be available for panel appearances, speaking engagements and other opportunities at conventions and special events.

Sensory Friendly Space Evaluations – Making Spaces More Accessible to Everyone

Is your business or space sensory & neurodiversity friendly? How can your business or space become sensory friendly?


Neurodiversity Consulting

Neurodiversity seems like the new HR buzzword, and for a good reason. Neurodivergent employees are eagerly entering the workplace, bringing along fresh perspectives and valuable skills.

Are your organizational policies and procedures chasing away neurodivergent talent? We can change the world together.

Do you feel your organization is truly inclusive? How do you ensure you are supporting and fostering a healthy work environment for all of your employees – neurodivergent and neurotypical? Are your current policies keeping (or chasing) neurodivergent workers away from your workforce?

Let Neurodivergent Consultants work with you in order to identify potential problem areas in your current organizational environment, policies, and structure. Helping you to create new policies that work to attract and, increase tenure, of current and future neurodivergent employees.

Many organizations claim they want to be more inclusive but fall short due to policies and company cultures that are set up in a way that is off-putting, and unintentionally excludes, neurodivergent employees. – Neurodivergent Consulting works with you to highlight  problem areas and identify solutions.

Please use the form below to describe your needs & inquire about availability.