How can Neurodivergent Consulting help you change the world?

Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological differences (Autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and others) are natural variations in the evolution of the human genome.

Making spaces more accessible to everyone.

Many organizations claim they want to be more inclusive but fall short due to an environment that is set up in a way that is off-putting, and unintentionally excludes, neurodivergent employees and individuals.

Is your organizational environment unintentionally discriminating against autistic and neurodivergent employees?

Neurodiversity seems like the new HR buzzword, and for a good reason. Neurodivergent employees are eagerly entering the workplace, bringing along fresh perspectives and valuable skills.

Do you feel your organization is truly inclusive? How do you ensure you are supporting and fostering a healthy work environment for all of your employees – neurodivergent and neurotypical? Are your current policies keeping (or chasing) neurodivergent workers away from your workforce?

Changing the world together.

Let Neurodivergent Consultants work with you in order to identify potential problem areas in your current organizational environment, policies, and structure. Helping you to create new policies that work to attract and, increase tenure, of current and future neurodivergent employees.

A Neurodivergent Rebel project.

Published by Neurodivergent Rebel

Lyric (the human formerly known as Christa) Holmans, an Autistic self-advocate from Texas, runs the the internationally recognized neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel. Neurodivergent Rebel was opened in 2016, as a way to introduce people unfamiliar with autism to neurodiversity. The blog, which is sometimes released in written format and also via YouTube video, explores the ideology of neurodiversity and the creative expressions of autistic people. Holmans’ blog pushes for acceptance of neurological differences and respect for the autonomy of neurodivergent people. Holmans is also known as the pioneer of the #AskingAutistics hashtag, which is often accompanied by a short question about everyday autistic experiences. This simple hashtag connects neurodiverse people who would not otherwise have a reason to engage with each other to foster understanding of the autistic experience.

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